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Online Booking

Terms and Conditions

Please read these before making your online booking

1. The person registering for online bookings must be the registered Zest Member for the Zest Card being used. Zest Cards are not transferable.
2. All bookings made online must be "paid for" at reception prior to attending, even if the membership includes "free" attendance for the activity.
3. The cardholder must be attending the activity and must report to reception with the Zest Card before the activity commences, or the booking will be logged as "failed to attend".
4. Bookings made online cannot be cancelled online. Please telephone the centre to do this, giving at least 24 hours notice, where possible.
5. Failure to "attend" or cancel a booking will result in the full casual rate for the activity being payable prior to making future bookings.
6. All accompanying players e.g. for racquet sports must report to reception prior to play commencing to pay their "pay per head" fees.
7. For court activity bookings, 5 minutes are deducted where needed for equipment changeovers.
8. The standard Zest Membership Terms and Conditions apply.
9. Every attempt will be made to stick to the published programme, however facilities, classes, courses and instructors are subject to availability/session times and opening hours. We will give appropriate notice of any changes.
10.The discovery of any false information leading to the issue of the Zest Card will result in it's cancellation.
11.Zest Cards remain the property of Mid Devon District Council.
12.Mid Devon District Council reserves the right to amend, withdraw and/or update the Terms and Conditions of the Zest Card at their descretion.
13.Members must abide by the Terms and Conditions governing entry and use at each leisure centre, displayed in the reception area.
14.Mid Devon District Council reserves the right to refuse admission to any of it's facilities.



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